A member of staff has left or will be leaving.

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Please populate and submit the following form. Please provide as much time as possible for us to process your request. This submission will generate a support request.

Important information about offboarding:

Please leave any existing computer device(s) specified in this submission, that are being re-allocated or decommissioned, in their current state and left turned on running. We require access to the relevant equipment in order to successfully offboard. We are unable to re-use and provision the previous/old equipment to another member of staff until this has been successfully completed. It is necessary to relinquish accounts to deprovision and cancel off licensing, so you don’t incur unnecessary additional costs. This is also very important for compliance and data protection purposes. You’ll be notified of completion.

We’ll also onboard the the staff member, if you have specified to re-provision the device(s).

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